Faction: None
Founder: Unknown
Also Known As: Flesh-Eaters, Raksha
Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Necromancy
Weakness: In addition to blood, Nagaraja must consume human flesh

Hailing from India, this bloodline surfaced early in Kindred history, but little is known. They came into contact with clan Ravnos early on, but each left the other to their own devices. Indeed, many seem highly independent and strong willed.

Necromancy is a clan discipline, and many take to more mystical paths, including their specialization of a path known as the Virtuous Path. They usually blend this with their Auspex and Dominate to work their way through various situations.

Unlike most vampires, the Nagaraja must consume fresh human flesh to sustain themselves. This makes them particularly complicated, as they will inevitably kill those who they feed from.


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