Wes Black

A rugged, yet sympathetic stoic in his 30s


Known Vices:

Prey Exclusion: Drug users and mothers of young children

Known Gifts:

Has a reserve of wealth
Light Sleeper
Travels constantly and easily
Extraordinary Memory


Wes maintains a serious and pensive demeanor, and talks little of himself or his past. He never shows any outward signs of stress or anxiety, and his aura gives onlookers a sense of cool, calculated confidence. He is known among the underworld as a gifted doctor, and has done several jobs for street elements who are willing to pay for certain injuries and persons to remain unknown. Because of this, and the fact that he doesn’t maintain a permanent residence, Wes Black is able to maintain a mediocre bank account from which he only occasionally withdraws.

Patients of Dr. Black have said that he is fond of literature, and that he knows more than people should about the occult. If observed carefully, it can be noted that the stoic professional looks over his shoulder slight more often then necessary, and suppresses a gasp when startled by a stray animal or unexpected street dweller.

Wes Black’s Motivations are largely unknown, but judging by his profession and reasonable prices, he actually has a real tendency towards helping others.

Wes Black

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