Kristi Martin

Pretty, loyal, soldier-like cheerleader


Clan: Ventrue
Sire: Unknown
Generation: 11th
Faction: Camarilla

Bad sight (flaw)


Surrounded by sun, sea and friends, Kristi grew up on the sands of Santa Monica with no troubles in life despite a string of terrible relationships. She spent most of her school days as head cheerleader, out on the football field, working closely and having fun with her friends.

Kristi was finishing high school, aged 18, when she was Embraced by a cloaked Anarch whose identity has not yet been uncovered. She was taken in by the Ventrue leader Damien Legrande, who took pity and sought after her innate ability to gain others’ trust in his quest to grow his influence. As a result of this kindness shown to her, her loyalty to the Ventrue Clan is strong.

Embittered by losing her Santa Monica society, she chooses to use her beauty and social ability to manipulate others – in order for her to once again become top of the food chain.

Kristi Martin

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