Los Angeles Supernaturals

Did you believe you were the only creature to walk the shadows? Los Angeles is a hotbed of the supernatural, and while good fences make good neighbors, some trespassing is inevitable.

Lupines, or ‘werewolves,’ tend to keep away from the city proper. They seem averse to the very concept. However, they are not entirely absent. Some occupy areas such as Griffen Park. Some places, like the coastline, have similar influxes of strange creatures.

Magi run Hollywood. What little is known of them is that they are currently locked in something of a Cold War between two factions. It does well to avoid such entities as they are powerful foes when angered.

Ghosts haunt the low places, and in Los Angeles, many such areas exist. These entities arise from those who suffered injustice, such as death by violence or starvation.

Kuei-Jin, vampires of a different sort from the Far East, have come along with their mortal bretheran. An uneasy truce has formed between them and Cainites, each keeping far afield of their respective territories. For this reason travel to areas such as Chinatown and Little Tokyo requires some careful negotiation.

Rumors of stranger things still run through Kindred society. Sorting fact from fiction can be a trial itself.

Los Angeles Supernaturals

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