Los Angeles Independents

The independents are welcome by most, but distrusted by more.

The Assamites operate covertly in the area. However, rumor persists that there are reliable ways to contact them. It is, of course, dangerous, but then, they are a clan of bloodthirsty assassins.

The Followers of Set operate in Los Angeles with impunity. They push vices on anyone they can…and if Los Angeles isn’t the land of plenty. Designer drugs to college students, sex trafficking from Mexico, and promises of power to everyone who comes looking for it. The poor areas suffer? All the better for these peddlers.

For better or for worse, the Giovanni keep their own council. They usually stay out of people’s way…but of course, they have their own plans. The Giovanni mansion is the thing of legends, and the primogen have stated it’s always a fun party when they are invited.

The Ravnos are broken. Since the Week of Nightmares, the clan has not recovered. While they drift and wander as they have before, they now seem to struggle simply to survive. Those that are around are treated with a great deal of distrust.

Los Angeles Independents

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