Los Angeles Camarilla

Prince: Damien Legrande
Harpy: Carlos Santiago
Sheriff: Blitz

The Camarilla are newcomers to Los Angeles, or, perhaps more accurately, they are returning anew. While many of the clans are re-integrating, some elements remain stubborn. There is an unsteady peace with the Anarchs of the area, and many believe they stand on a powder keg.

Currently, Prince Damien Legrande is trying to unite vampires under his rule, but is having tremendous issues in doing so. Further, the primogens of the clans are divided, with many choosing to side with the Anarchs or remain neutral.

The Sabbat are a newly arrived problem, following their herds from Central and South America. While they have yet to act overtly, many fear what may yet come.

Los Angeles Camarilla

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