Zoe Vaughn

Always the wrong place, always the wrong time.


Clan: Nosferatu
Role: Investigator
Faction: Camarilla
Generation: 12th


It was a point of pride for Zoe Vaughn’s Bostonian family, all three of the kids deciding to work for the force. And Zoe had everything planed out too: study hard, make it through the police academy, get certified as a CSI, climb the ladder. She wouldn’t be walking the beat like her older brothers, but Zoe had always been interested in science and investigation (the egg-head sandwiched in between the jocks). Becoming a detective wasn’t on the table, but bring down criminals with details and forensics were. It really shouldn’t have come as a surprise to her though that those plans were derailed by her notorious bad luck. It had been joke between John and Davie, “if there’s a fire Zoe’ll be holding the matches when the truck rolls up.” So, one bad short-cut to the dorm lead to Zoe being “embraced.” Davie also always said her self-defense need work (not that it would have helped).

As a Nosferatu, Zoe hides her face and occupies the darkened corners of the city. Holding fast to her roots and convictions to retain humanity, she walks the street still sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong; turning evidence in any purely human related matters over to Detective John Vaughn…anonymously of course.

Despite her age and awkward beginnings, Zoe is rising in prominence as an information broker, with contacts among the justice department and acknowledged potential. Maybe…it wasn’t the wrong place and the wrong time after all.

Zoe Vaughn

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