Elipha "Ellie" Wytte

A bloody nerd


Clan: Tremere
Sire: Anthony
Generation: 9th
Role: Neonate / Apprentice
Faction: Camarilla

A light sleeper: no daytime spending penalties (merit)
Can speak Spanish (merit)
eats food (merit)

Wears corrective lenses , glasses or contacts (flaw)
Pediophobic: afraid of dolls (flaw)
Refuses to prey on children. (flaw)
Impatient (flaw)


A native of Southern Los Angeles, she was a university student at UCLA in computer science at the time she was Embraced; a rather respected researcher called Anthony who was actually a Tremere magister had taken an interest in her intellectual pursuits and wanted to claim her for the clan. He had ample opportunity to observe her, day in and day out in the library, where she spends much of her time. As a Kindred, Ellie tries to use technology to the advantage of herself and her clan. She loves learning about anything and technology in general. If she isn’t in the library, she is most likely out trying something new or scavenging for first-hand information. More recently, she is fascinated by the power of thaumaturgy and wants to use it alongside modern technology. She has a hard time convincing older vampires to embrace new technologies. However timid she may seem, vampirism and particularly the practice of thaumaturgy has awoken a bit of a sadistic and controlling side in her.

She has a surviving brother, who has a family of his own, but she tends to stay away from them. She meets with them once in a while but realizes that soon, her lack of aging and strange behaviors will start to become apparent to them.

Elipha "Ellie" Wytte

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