These are the Final Nights

Children of Caine…

Long have you lurked within the shadows of humanity, but shadows only last so long. Dawn is breaking. Where will you hide, I wonder? For deeper in the shadows are monsters even you would fear to face.

The Camarilla stagnates, playing at being human, but denying the history of Caine. How long with their masquerade hold, I wonder?

The Sabbat…pitiful Swords of Caine. They believe the ancients have long departed, but they are all the more foolish for it. In the final nights, will their knowledge save them?

The others? The bloodthirsty assassins, the necromancers, the followers of a dead god and a clan utterly broken. What hope do they have?

You? Perhaps you may stave off the end.

There are, after all, miracles even for the damned.

Vampire: the Masquerade - Sins of the Father

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